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January 29th-March 16th


Registration is only $10.00 per person for the entire session, and non-refundable. 

*Please note: The book for each session is not included in this fee.

The registration fee secures your place, the virtual platform, and weekly teachings/lessons for each session. This fee also assists the administrative and technical aspects of this ministry. All of our group leaders/staff are volunteers, and our fees ensure that all of our incurred expenses are covered. 

without wavering.jpg

Book: “Without Wavering”

Author: Alexandra Hoover

Time: Mondays at 7:00pm EST

Group Leader: Lorea

Summary: Enduring, resilient, courageous—these are qualities we want to describe our faith in God. But the truth is that faith is hard, especially when trials, setbacks, and failures seem to define us. How do we trust God day in and day out? When the odds are stacked against us? In the moments when we’re left wondering how we’ll ever get back up? The good news is a life of resilient faith is possible.

Fearless Living.jpg

Book: “Journey into Fearless Living”

Author: Tommy Higle

Time: Thursdays at 12:00pm EST 

Group Leader: Gloria

**This group is conference call only.**

Summary: Not once does Joshua show any fear of doing God's will. Not once does the Bible record anything he intentionally did contrary to God's will.  It is the perfect title for a study of this book.Lesson titles include: Developing Fearless Faith, Experiencing a Miracle, Maintaining Fearless Faith, Experiencing God, Facing Your "Jerichos," Avoiding Sin, Turning Blunders Into Blessings, Making Good Decisions, Maintaining Your Integrity, Finishing Life Well, Finding Refuge, Staying on Track Spiritually, etc.

He Speaks to Me.jpg

Book: “He Speaks To Me”

Author: Priscilla Shirer

Time: Thursdays at 6:30pm EST

Group Leader: Dianna 

Summary: A common question of many Christians is, "How can I know when God is speaking to me?" Priscilla uses the account of God speaking to Samuel in 1 Samuel 3 to show how God speaks to Christians and how we can discern His voice and position ourselves to respond. In this exciting adventure, participants will discover how God spoke to Samuel, Samuel's response, and how He speaks to believers today; they will be encouraged to listen and respond to God's voice; and by listening to God's voice and obeying Him, women will experience spiritual growth, Christian discipline, and the desire to serve. 

Even If.jpg

Book: “A Study of Habakkuk”

Author: The Daily Grace Co. 

Time: Saturdays at 10:00am EST

Group Leader: Brandi 

Summary: A Study of Habakkuk is an in-depth, three week study that goes verse by verse through the book of Habakkuk. How do we praise the Lord and trust Him even when life is hard? What does it mean to trust God when life doesn't go as planned? This study on the book of Habakkuk seeks to answer these questions. We will learn how to pray when we don't know what to pray, and how to trust when things just don't make sense. We will learn how to rest in God when the anxieties of life threaten to steal our joy. We will learn that God is good and faithful, even if.

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